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Gianluca Abis – en

Gianluca Abis - testimonianza Otticalab


The 3D Eye Exam si something exceptional and never seen before. It was an escalation of positivity and high professionalism.

Marco marco showed me the best lenses and I felt protected and in good hands. I took advantage of promotions because I had to update the lenses on my glasses and get a new pair for my work office.

I’m very happy with the choice of my news pair of glasses!

I would recommend everyone to try the experience of a 3D Eye Exam and the luck of knowing a shop like this that makes you feel at home.

We had a great chat on Saturday afternoon with my wife, where Marco and I were able to talk about rare diseases, a problem that affects us both.

See you soon doctor!!!

Elia Talin – en

Elia Talin - testimonianza Otticalab

First 3D Eye Exam, very innovative, professional and technological. 

I was pleased with the consultation Marco did and all the great advice he gave me. 

They have a wide variety of frames to keep up with fashion. 

He and his staff are very courteous and helpful.

Highly recommended!

Maria Vicino  – en

Maria Vicino - testimonianza Otticalab

My name is Maria and I love my grandson.
I love the mountains so much that as soon as my grandmotherly duties allow, I escape into nature.

I would like to thank OtticaLAB and recommend 3D Eye Exam.

Thanks to this technology that I haven’t found anywhere else, Marco and his colleagues found a peculiarity in my eyes that no one else had ever found before.

I’m not good at explaining, but Elena described the Eye Exam’s results to me meticulously and accurately, using terms that are easy to understand even for someone like me who is not in the industry.

I emphasize that the 3D Eye Exam doesn’t replace the medical one, but, given the results, I can say that it improves it.

And then the great thing is that thanks to this 3D Eye Exam, the OtticaLAB’s Staff can tell you if you are fit to wear progressive lenses, even guaranteeing your purchase with a 100% refund, something I have never seen in other stores.

I didn’t need this guarantee, but it made me feel more comfortable buying glasses.

In short, OtticaLAB is for those who are not satisfied with their glasses and have a difficult past with their eyes.


Ps: This is a photo I received as a gift from the OtticaLAB store.
I don’t like to appear but, given the quality of the photos they take of other customers, I finally accepted and I was very pleased.

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