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Here are many testimonials from people who have chosen OtticaLAB for their eyes and continue to do so with confidence.

In fact, most of them, are recursive and brings friends.
Our Mission is ambitious: to become the reference point for the Vision, without nasty surprises, by “packaging” the best Customer Experience.
Since 2018, more than 250 people have been satisfied with their shopping experience by writing a positive review on Social Networks and allowing us to achieve an extraordinary average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google..

Kata Rácz - testimonianza OtticalabBefore knowing OtticaLAB, I had 3 bad experiences with other opticians… 3 purchases of eye glasses and 3 times the wrong lenses…
I am short-sighted and anyone who is like me understands that it is very important to have the right glasses!

I always had problems because I could not see well, but thanks to the 3D Optometric Eye Exam and the help of the staff of OtticaLAB (they are very competent) I finally have the right lenses! Thank you!

I highly recommend book an appointment for the 3d Eye Exam!
I am personally grateful to OtticaLAB.

Kata Rácz

Anna Muzzolon - testimonianza Otticalab

I met OtticaLAB through word of mouth. I had never done a 3D Eye Exam before and I was very impressed: wearing the specific 3D glasses and keeping both eyes open, I discovered which is my dominant eye and other peculiarities.

I work in a chemical laboratory but I have a passion for art. I like to see paintings and frescoes in detail and, with the new glasses, I can see details of paintings that I couldn’t notice before!

Thanks OtticaLAB!


Hi I’m Leonardo Acetti, I’m a real estate agent and I met OtticaLAB because my wife is a client of this optics.

I needed to figure out if I had a Eye problem. My problem occurred mostly at night when I was crossing the car headlights.
I did the 3D Optometry Eye Exam and it opened up a world for me. It helped me to understand my vision and it is incredible what I discovered.

I found a great professionalism in this store and I highly recommend the 3D Optometry Eye Exam by OtticaLAB in Passo di Riva.

Leonardo Accetti

I have known OtticaLAB for several years.

Three years ago, after having done the 3D Eye Exam, I bought a progressive eyeglass and I immediately found myself very well.

I came back in September to update my eyeglass.

This time they offered me lenses with an anti-fogging treatment. I have always been very bothered by fogging my lenses in winter or when I cook, not to mention the current situation with masks. So I accepted the proposal.

I have been wearing them for a few weeks now and I am really satisfied. When I wear the mask they don’t fog up anymore and if I cook the steam fog will disappear immediately.

I recommend these lenses and OtticaLAB who recommended them to me giving me the serenity to buy an innovative product!

Loretta Ghirardello

Nicola - testimonianza Otticalab

This is my son Nicola, special boy, full of life, but with significant eyesight problems. Thanks to his preparation, competence and professionalism, Marco wanted to developing a pair of glasses with a lens suitable both as a material and as the right gradation. Marco gave us a wide explanation about Nicola’s eyesight defect and, for him, a challenge: to be able to give my son the opportunity of an increasingly effective and therefore better eyesight. 👍

Ornella Campagnolo

Ivo Binotto - testimonianza Otticalab

My name is Ivo and I met Marco because I often drive in front of the OtticaLAB store in Dueville.
I’m a sales agent, I deal with the world of beauty and I always have too much to do with those (damn!) price lists written in such small characters that have always made me crazy. Especially in recent years!

I found myself having to deal with the usual reading glasses from the pharmacy that I bought without paying much attention to the graduation. I kept a pair in my car, one in my office and several at home. I used them with my wife and I didn’t give it too much importance.
Lately, however, I started to notice a greater tiredness for near vision and my eyes were always flushed.

I decided to go to OtticaLAB and Marco immediately listened to me and deepened my needs, trying to understand my real needs.

I let myself be guided by his advice and, after a meticulous 3D Eye Exam, which I had never done before, he directed me towards a pair of glasses to wear every day, to see from far and near.

I, given the work I do, am very attentive to the image. In short: I care about it and I love beautiful and refined things.

As design, OtticaLAB does not have the usual frames, but it has specialized in a “niche” eyewear that I immediately appreciated! I chose the frame that goes hand in hand with my look. To date I wear glasses every day and my day is easier; I’m more relaxed and I can see better!

I recommend Marco and OtticaLAB not so much for the “eyewear” object, but above for the Eye Exam and also because is able to listen to you and direct you towards what can simplify your life.

Ivo Binotto

Roberto Comparin - testimonianza Otticalab

Good morning, my name is Roberto Comparin, I come from Malo and having difficulty reading up close, I turned to my wife’s trusted shop for a pair of glasses for neighbors. The shop is OtticaLAB in Dueville.

Having never been there, Marco and his team offered me a 3D Eye Exam by appointment, telling me that I would be impressed.

Honestly, I was quite suspicious. I’d never heard of it and I was afraid it was a publicity stunt.
And instead, once in front of the big screen, everything seemed clear and even…funny!

Marco and his colleague explained to me that I also needed a pair of glasses for far away and that, if I wanted, I had the features to wear Progressive Lenses all day long.

Frankly, I didn’t really want to wear them. I hadn’t heard from my friends very well, even though my wife wore them all day and with satisfaction.
Marco, however, reassured me by telling me that I would have had days to try them on.
In case I didn’t get used to it, I would have had the chance to ask for a full refund of the amount invested.
No matter how hard I tried to wear them all day, I couldn’t get used to them.

I was doubtful and I was not sure that the agreements would be fully honoured.
After all, in Italy it can happen that agreements are not respected.

Instead Marco, after 2 working days, gave me back the amount invested, every last euro.

I found therefore right to write this review to testify the professionalism of the 3D Eye Exam that Marco proposes.

I also recommend it because they do what they say. And in Italy it’s a lot of stuff!

I recommend OtticaLAB in Dueville to all those who are suspicious and too many times have had bad surprises.
Thanks Marco, see you next time!

Roberto Comparin

Fabio Mastragostino - testimonianza Otticalab

For many years I have been using eyeglasses and so I have known several optical stores, but prepared and available as OtticaLAB is impossible to find.

Your every request is taken into great consideration even if you change your mind about the purchase. The others would have a merchant’s ears.

However one thing is certain, I will never change OtticaLAB, as well as my whole family.

Fabio Mastragostino

Sergio Mastragostino - testimonianza Otticalab

Years ago I had the good fortune to meet, by chance, OtticaLAB. For me, eyeglasses have to be technically perfect but also pleasant, because the quality of life goes with it, and in OtticaLAB I found what I had been looking for a long time.

But the secret of success is obtained only if there are people who share the project and Marco, the owner, and his collaborators are the most eloquent expression of it!

For those who need glasses turn with the utmost confidence to OtticaLAB!

Sergio Mastragostino

Edi Farneda - testimonianza Otticalab

I’ve been a client for about eight years.

I have always found myself very well as a choice of eyewear models and felt followed with professionalism and kindness.

Now I live in Venice and for the change of my glasses I trust Marco and his staff.

Edi Farneda

Anna Maria Ghirardello - testimonianza Otticalab

The touch of summer on the face reinvigorates the sight in the soul.

Annamaria Ghirardello

sidor ela testimonial

My name is Ela, I met OtticaLAB by chance, actually not for me. I met Marco and his staff for word of mouth. Okay, I’m not just around the corner, but all the miles I did were worth it. I was impressed with the expertise and after-sales service, not to mention the 3D Eye Exam.
I’d never done it before and it turned out to be…fun!
I found myself so well that I also brought my parents, my son, my husband and… only the dog is missing!
I recommend OtticaLAB for the experience that Marco and his staff can give you every time.


Paolo Franchetto testimonial

Hi, I’m Paolo and I was referred by my friend Roby for an eye check by Marco in OtticaLAB. I had already done some tests but… I didn’t expect it.
I immediately found the frame I was looking for but the thing that struck me the most was undoubtedly the third dimensional eye exam that I had never done before.
I had fun “living” clean and interesting images, almost as if I was really living them!
I discovered how my way of seeing works and Marco guided me in the right calibration of the graduation.
At the end of the eye exam, without many words, Marco recommended me to wear the glasses all day long. At the time I was rather hesitant but today, 6 months after buying my glasses, I have to agree with him!
In fact, today without glasses… I’m lost!
I absolutely recommend an appointment with Marco and his staff.
You will certainly live a, as Marco says, “Superlative Visual Experience”, a real small show in which the protagonists are YOU.

And…trust me. I… I know about Shows!

Paolo Franchetto

I consider myself a lucky person because I have never had great vision problems, and for this reason the need to use eyeglasses has never been there, but arrived in the middle of the walk of my life (…and beyond), something has changed also because as they say, it is not “always Sunday”.

In fact, in recent times my “visual fatigue” increased day by day, also for my profession, which engages my eyes a lot as I deal with quality control.
When I talked about this aspect with my friends, … the jokes arrived ready and on time … “eh now you are 50 years old and it’s natural, a drop in vision, it comes sooner or later.

The point is that I said to myself: “well yes … I have difficulty reading, with a reading glasses I have solved my problems”. Nothing could be more wrong…. It was enough for me to get to know OtticaLAB, to realize that clichés sometimes lead you astray.

I got to know OtticaLAB through an online advertising of the website and I was immediately impressed by the innovative method of communication adopted, but also by the skills described in the site. At that point I let myself be guided by my instinct because all this captured my interest.

Today, a few months after I picked up the first glasses “of my life”, I am very satisfied and happy to have chosen OtticaLAB in Dueville, and to have met Marco Lucato.

I was very surprised by the innovative Eye Exam that is performed in the store; I was very happy with the competence and courtesy of the staff in the store. In absolute freedom, without any hurry, with a precise and never trivial work, and that we immediately shared with Marco, I came to the result of buying two exceptional glasses: an extraordinary “office” glasses model that really made my work days better, and a pair of glasses with progressive lenses suitable for my daily life, to be used in many different moments.

Quality is never easy to obtain and never taken for granted, but with OtticaLAB my eyes have met it.

Michele Battezzati

Hello everyone, I’m Enrico Dal Lago, I’m 46 years old, I’m an industrial technician, I’m often in front of the computer and this clearly requires me to use my eyesight.

Unfortunately, over the years, the view changes, there are some small changes and “maintenance” to do. For these maintenance I thought to turn to OtticaLAB, my reference shop.

I met the owner a few years ago because I needed a sunglasses and, being the shop near my home, I met them.

On the occasion we introduced ourselves, Marco and I, owner of OtticaLAB, and we immediately made friends. He put me in a condition of comfort, not only professional, but also of human tranquillity.
I then returned to OtticaLAB on the occasion of the verification of my eyeglasses, because the eyeglasses were a few years old and I wanted to have a consultation with Marco if they were still suitable for my needs, in particular for work.

I was immediately impressed also by Marco’s staff who immediately took me in charge and asked me some questions. I explained my needs and my optical particularities. I felt the warmth of people who welcome you in a very familiar way. At the end of this test, which lasted a few minutes, I was introduced in a crazy room where the 3D Eye Exam is done.

Using a metaphor: it’s like going to the summer rides in the village as opposed to going to Gardaland. Gardaland is an incredible world, otherwise you’ll be satisfied with the rides of the country.
For me OtticaLAB is Gardaland, obviously from the point of view of technology and professionalism offered.
Furthermore, Marco is a person who puts you in absolute serenity, but above all the 3D Eye Exam, which I didn’t find from the other local opticians I frequented, is a spatial thing.

I would definitely recommend OtticaLAB to my friends because the professional aspect merges with the CUSTOMER’S CHARGE, so the human aspect is really above everything. Marco is a person who is able to put the person before the professional and economic outcome.

And then the 3D Eye Exam is something you must absolutely try … it’s realy cool!

Enrico Dal Lago

Hello everyone my name is Claudio Baldin, I am 40 years old and I live in Monteforte D’Alpone (VR), I wear glasses since I was a child and over time I have made several eye examinations and attended many optical stores.

I do a technical customer service job, on average 10/11 hours and I have to both drive and work, so much so that often in the evening my eyes were really tired and I noticed that my eyesight and concentration dropped considerably.

Unfortunately in the last few years I had resigned myself to seeing less than perfect, because they could never find the right glasses for my particular problem of short-sightedness, astigmatism with secondary strabismus attached.

The turning point came in September 2019 when a billiards player friend (my great passion), seeing me demoralized and in serious difficulty to aim the marbles especially when they were far away, strongly advised me to make a totally free visit at OTTICA LAB in Dueville (VI) and ask for Marco Lucato, the owner who had followed him from the beginning in a friendly and professional manner and also told me that the eye exam was not the classic method, but rather an innovative 3 DIMENSIONS Eye Exam with advanced technological tools that only they had in this area.

Immediately the next day I searched on internet and I found the various socials of OTTICA LAB and many news and positive reviews. At this point, lost for lost, I fixed an appointment for Saturday morning the only day off for me and I met MARCO LUCATO the owner and his young and prepared collaborators SANJA, RICCARDO and SARA. First I did a voice consultation to explain my situation and then we went to the special studio to do the famous 3D check and I must say that the feeling was totally different from usual and that Marco’s technical preparation was of the highest level.
In the end I was followed even for more than an hour between one thing and another and having had a great feeling I trusted Marco’s analysis. After choosing the most suitable frame I ordered my new pair of glasses, choosing the best of the 100% ZEISS lenses and I waited only a few days for them to be ready.

At the time of delivery I was very agitated because I knew that this was the last chance I had to find the right pair of glasses, but incredibly from the very beginning I found a significantly improved and complete view even in the peripheral part. For a further confirmation Marco kindly gave me the 3D check again and to my amazement but not his 😅, I could even read for the first time in my life the famous Ten Tenths – 10/10. I still couldn’t believe it but it was true, so after receiving all the documentation I thanked all the staff and immediately in the afternoon I went to play billiards and, you won’t believe it, finally I could see the marbles perfectly from over 2 meters away for my joy and happiness.

After a month fully satisfied I came back and bought a second pair to use at work taking advantage of the special 50% discount that OTTICA LAB offers to all those who buy their first pair of glasses.

I suggest to all those who do not feel good with their glasses, to try the 3D exam, the professionalism and friendliness of OTTICA LAB where Marco Lucato and his staff will help you to find the perfect view and you will also find new friends

Claudio Baldin

Luka Mita - testimonianza Otticalab

I got to know Marco’s shop and his excellent reputation through the feedback released on the web. As a rule I am wary of online reviews as they are sometimes misleading and unreliable, but I must admit that this time the expectations I had created as a result of the positive reviews were fully met.

I turned to Marco in order to renew my look and find a pair of glasses that would suit my young age and at the same time give me a bit of maturity.
From the moment I first entered the store, besides being warmly and genuinely welcomed, Marco and Sanja were extremely professional.

They listened to my needs and followed me step by step, giving me advice, but at the same time leaving me free to propose and express my ideas. Thanks to this, I felt completely at ease, without suffering the discomfort that sometimes is created in the customer/staff relationship of the store… How many times does it happen that you enter a store and the staff is invasive? Well, with Marco and Sanja you don’t take that risk!!!

The shop is equipped with a wide range of frames, but the thing that satisfied me the most is the originality of their design which, together with the modernity and intuitiveness of Marco and Sanja, made my choice easy.

Coincidentally, he wanted me to choose a frame created by Marco in the end, demonstrating how he brings his style and ideas to everything he proposes. This is no small element in a market where by now we travel on standardized and basically homogeneous products.

Don’t forget the fantastic 3D Eye Exam that Marco subjected me to: the first time in my life that I performed it, and I must say that it left me pleasantly surprised.

So I can only recommend to anyone OtticaLAB, that for quality of products, professionalism and feeling I feel I can define a TOP shop.

Luka Mita

Alberto Mastragostino - testimonianza Otticalab

I met OtticaLAB thanks to my father who, after having been there, strongly recommended it to me. On my first visit to the shop, Marco and his staff immediately welcomed me with cordiality and sympathy.

The competence and passion of everyone emerges in the way they advise you and in the innovative 3D Eye Exam tools, sincerely never seen before and that, even more so, highlight the attention in customer care.

Finally, for the choice of glasses… don’t worry! They know how to direct you according to your style and your person with frames and with particular colors of the lenses that make the glasses no longer simply a pure necessity but an object that sets you apart.

If you haven’t been there, go now!

Alberto Mastragostino
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