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We are proud to present numerous testimonials from people who have chosen the OtticaLAB solution and continue to do so with confidence.

In fact, most of them, are repeat customers and introduce friends.
Our Mission is ambitious: to become a center of excellence for Ophthalmic Solution, without nasty surprises, by “packaging” the best Customer Experience.
Since 2018, more than 250 people have been satisfied with our excellent service by writing a positive review on Social Networks and allowing us to achieve an extraordinary average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.

Gianluca Abis - testimonianza Otticalab


The 3D Eye Exam si something exceptional and never seen before. It was an escalation of positivity and high professionalism.

Marco marco showed me the best lenses and I felt protected and in good hands. I took advantage of promotions because I had to update the lenses on my glasses and get a new pair for my work office.

I’m very happy with the choice of my news pair of glasses!

I would recommend everyone to try the experience of a 3D Eye Exam and the luck of knowing a shop like this that makes you feel at home.

We had a great chat on Saturday afternoon with my wife, where Marco and I were able to talk about rare diseases, a problem that affects us both.

See you soon doctor!!!

Gianluca Abis

Elia Talin - testimonianza Otticalab

First 3D Eye Exam, very innovative, professional and technological. 

I was pleased with the consultation Marco did and all the great advice he gave me. 

They have a wide variety of frames to keep up with fashion. 

He and his staff are very courteous and helpful.

Highly recommended!

Elia Talin

Maria Vicino - testimonianza Otticalab

My name is Maria and I love my grandson.
I love the mountains so much that as soon as my grandmotherly duties allow, I escape into nature.

I would like to thank OtticaLAB and recommend 3D Eye Exam.

Thanks to this technology that I haven’t found anywhere else, Marco and his colleagues found a peculiarity in my eyes that no one else had ever found before.

I’m not good at explaining, but Elena described the Eye Exam’s results to me meticulously and accurately, using terms that are easy to understand even for someone like me who is not in the industry.

I emphasize that the 3D Eye Exam doesn’t replace the medical one, but, given the results, I can say that it improves it.

And then the great thing is that thanks to this 3D Eye Exam, the OtticaLAB’s Staff can tell you if you are fit to wear progressive lenses, even guaranteeing your purchase with a 100% refund, something I have never seen in other stores.

I didn’t need this guarantee, but it made me feel more comfortable buying glasses.

In short, OtticaLAB is for those who are not satisfied with their glasses and have a difficult past with their eyes.


Ps: This is a photo I received as a gift from the OtticaLAB store.
I don’t like to appear but, given the quality of the photos they take of other customers, I finally accepted and I was very pleased.

Maria Vicino

Silvia Pegoraro - testimonianza Otticalab

Definitely a 5-star experience!

OtticaLAB offers interesting frames and a nice welcome from the staff.

In addition, the 3D Eye Examination gives more detailed information than traditional examinations: for example, how the eyes works together or the difference between day and night vision (as in the case of night myopia). This allows you to design custom lenses that solve multiple problems at once.

In my case, being a psychotherapist and moving around a lot during the evenings, I found the ability to see well up close, far away, while smart working and even driving at night! Not bad at all!

Bravi OtticaLAB!

Silvia Pegoraro

Carla Figatti - testimonianza OtticalabI have been a customer of OtticaLAB for several years for my glasses.

This time they recommended new generation progressive lenses which I feel really good with, most of the time I don’t even realize I’m wearing glasses because of the exceptional sharpness of the lenses.

In my opinion 3D Eye Exam is extremely accurate and easy to perform.

I recommend everyone to go and meet Marco in OtticaLAB who is extremely helpful.

Carla Figatti

Adriano Rossi - testimonianza Otticalab

I am 61 years old and I travel most of Europe by van for the delivery of valuable goods, which need to be transported on time and meticulously, otherwise my customers will cancel the contract. For this reason I find myself travelling hundreds of kilometres a day for many hours, with climatic conditions that often vary continuously from one country to another, always in the company of my inseparable nearsighted glasses.

I met OtticaLAB through an offer and I met Marco, the optician who followed me in the shop and who, during the eye exam (in 3D, I had never done it before!), showed me a visual anomaly that I didn’t know and that nobody had ever noticed before. The right eye was not looking in the same point and like the left. I had a boned and uneven image that had never bothered me more, or rather, that I had never really noticed.

Trying and trying the new correction again and comparing it with the old one, I realized that, actually, I could see better, sharper and felt that I was struggling less. I wanted to trust Marco’s words and the fact that, if

I didn’t get used to it, it would help me in the acclimatization phase.
Although I’ve worn glasses since I was a child, I immediately appreciated the sharpness and precision behind the wheel with the new glasses, so after a few days I also commissioned the sunglasses.

I recommend OtticaLAB because I was satisfied with the technical competence and the result achieved and I recommend the 3D eye exam for those who want to increase their safety in the car, for themselves and for others.

Adriano Rossi

Hi, my name is Gabriel and my left eye is a lazy eye. Actually, that’s not the problem, but the fact that I didn’t discover it until I was forty.

I was already wearing glasses, prescribed by my family optician, my cousin… who certainly always had a “special eye” for my family.

Yet she never understood the existence of my lazy eye.
How did I find out about the lazy eye problem? Through OpticaLAB.

I discovered them a bit by chance but I was impressed by the 3D Eye Exam: it was really an EXPERIENCE. I didn’t feel like a patient, as I often did in other eye examinations, but a person who was given an opportunity and I finally understood my visual problems.

If you are a person who is looking for something really well done;
if you also think that in 2020 maybe the Eye Exam that were made 20 years ago are obsolete;
if you are a person who cares about your health and the health of your loved ones;

I absolutely recommend you to do a 3D Eye Exam from OtticaLAB because they can give you really useful advice and, even if I take it for granted, they are very professional.

Just look at Marco, as soon as you enter the shop, and you immediately realize the caliber I’m talking about.
If you have a lazy eye… don’t be lazy like him but have Marco check you out!

Gabriele Conego

Alessandro Mateazzi - testimonianza OttiicaLAB

I have known Marco for several years and I have always been satisfied with his advice: he is always up to date and, over time, he has offered me an innovative and precise Eye Exam.

Recently I redo the 3D Eye Exam integrated with night vision… really interesting!

Alessandro Mateazzi

My husband and I met OtticaLAB 5-6 years ago and we were thrilled.

We were pleasantly surprised by the innovative 3D Eye Exam, unique in the Vicenza area, which is advantageous for a fast and safe diagnosis.

We recommended the center for our grandson who was only one year old and the choice was rewarded for the results obtained.

All the staff, in fact, is highly qualified, kind, helpful and with infinite patience.

I strongly recommend to rely on their competence and professionalism!

Maria Domenica Barbieri

My name is Gianni Saraci and I turned to OtticaLAB to solve a visual problem. I didn’t know OtticaLAB but the reviews left by other customers on Google helped me in the choice. And it could not have been a better choice! I had never done a 3D Eye Exam and I was positively surprised; the check-up is interactive and engaging, Marco showed me several images and based on my answers he made the perfect glasses!

Marco is a professional and he gave me all the clarifications about the 3D Eye Exam, the different types of lenses and the treatments. Sanja helped me in the choice of the frame and advised me really well: I was initially a bit doubtful but I trusted him… and I received a lot of compliments from girlfriend, colleagues and friends!

Gianni Saraci

The experience I had in your shop with the 3D Eye Exam, was a very particular experience, very accurate; it gave me a serenity and tranquility also for the choice of my glasses.

I have progressive glasses, I work a lot with the computer; every year I did check-up, eye examinations.
I had my own experience: a visit first to you (in OtticaLAB) and then to another ophthalmologist, just because I wanted to have a comparison, and… I chose you.

I won’t change you!

Lucia Fiscato

Roberto Boribello testimonial OtticaLAB

Even our friends Los Locos come from OtticaLAB!

Roby Borillo

Grace Battistini - testimonianza Otticalab

Excellent welcome, professionalism and cutting-edge tools; they work with meticulousness and precision. Personally, after knowing the structure and the staff, I recommend it to everyone. Wide choice of glasses and excellent value for money.

– In this photo Grace wears DESIO contact lenses –

Grace Battistini

Paolo Stevanin - testimonianza Otticalab

I decided to try OtticaLAB after reading the many great reviews on the internet.

At first I was hesitant because I found it difficult that a store could have such a high average of positive reviews (4.9/5). This hesitation immediately disappeared as soon as Marco started telling me about the whole process, the quality of the products and the 3D Eye Exam. So I decided to submit myself to this innovative visit and I was extremely satisfied. It allowed me to discover things that I didn’t know and that I would never have known if I hadn’t decided to do this particular Eye Exam. To underline that during the whole process Marco was clear and exhaustive, clarifying all my doubts and answering all my questions.

Another note of merit goes to the after-sales service. Since I was not able to renounce to the new lenses I went back to them and, after a security check to see that everything was fine, they ordered new lenses and replaced the old ones in less than 24 hours.

If you want to find professionalism, friendliness, innovation, excellent after-sales service and quality products, then OtticaLAB is definitely the place for you!

Paolo Stevanin

Davide Kofol - testimonianza Otticalab

My name is Davide Kofol and I learned about OtticaLAB from a friend and colleague who, knowing my vision problems, advised me to come to the store.
Intrigued, I went to visit the site and the first thing that struck me was the 3D Eye Exam, a novelty for me.

I immediately booked the Eye Exam online and after two days here I am at the appointment!
What can I say… beautiful shop and glasses on display,

I immediately found kindness and a smile, very important things for me.

I was enthusiastic about everything, the 3D Eye Exam is spectacular, never done such a complete check-up even by a private ophthalmologist.

Marco found the right solution for me!
I advise you to visit them, it’s worth it.

Davide Kofol

Massimo Carollo - testimonianza Otticalab

I’ve had a very good experience, with considerable after-sales support. I’m not here to explain the vicissitudes that led me to perfect my eyewear, but Marco is always ready to respond to any problem.

Don’t change! Above all, don’t get tired of being polite, a quality that is increasingly rare!

Massimo Carollo

Veronica Zaltron - testimonianza Otticalab

Professionalism, competence, preparation, kindness and customer care: this is what I found at OtticaLAB. Moreover, the Eye Exam in 3D was a wonderful experience and a further proof of the seriousness and reliability that is offered!

Waiting for you then there is a wide choice of fashionable, trendy, high quality glasses with well-kept details. In short, you are the top!

Veronica Zaltron

Lidia Lana - testimonianza Otticalab

What can I say, a nice young and professional team.
They are empathetic and competent, in step with technology and not at all trivial.
Very kind and with a taste for details.

I went to them for a change of glasses and, I didn’t honestly expect such innovative means of Eye Exam (I almost had fun!). They have a very fascinating three-dimensional system.

I was followed by Marco, the owner, an affable, nice, very competent person and by the young and very kind optician who helps him: they explained to me in detail how this 3D Eye Exam works and illuminated on the little problem in one eye that I didn’t know I had… then they left me in the hands of the girls, who are no less in terms of skill and savoir faire!

We have together chosen a pair of sunglasses which we have adapted as wonderful eyeglasses!
Recently I came back for an eye dryness problem and again, the very kind girl who follows the shop, offered me a very effective solution, I feel much better.

It was very pleasant to stay then to talk with Sara about the new photos just introduced, I just have to thank this wonderful team!

See you soon guys!

Lidia Lana
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