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The first 3D eye exam in Vicenza

In Vicenza a new way to do eye exam

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Eye exam are NOT all the same.
Choose the new 3D Optometric eye exam.

After the Eye Doctor Diagnosis, the eye exam will determine the correction to make your glasses.
The optometric control, completely in third dimension (3D), is asble to deepen physical, biological, psychological and anatomo-physiological aspects.
A real revolution in the field of eye examination.

What is the first 3D optometric eye examination?


FIRST because it is exclusive for the whole city of Vicenza and province.


OPTOMETRICAL because during the 3D Eye exam, an Optometrist will deepen your physical, biological, psychological and anatomical-physiological aspects.


The OPTOMETRIST has the ability to diagnose more complex aspects of eyesight, improving the eyesight “life” of people who do not have eye disease.


In 3D because it is the only diagnostic system based on Optometric Tests all in 3D that replicate the natural visual reality of people.

A protocol structured in 6 points will analyze your physicality, the type of work you do, your postural uniqueness and personal needs to orient you towards the best solution.